• Completed consultations with academics across the university.
  • Conducted focus groups with students.
  • Designed and launched a survey to reach out to the wider student body.


  • Synthesized ideas gathered from consultations with academics, and students from focus groups and survey.
  • Devised learning outcomes, ideas for themes, exploration, and assessment using insights gathered from the consultations.
  • Created a website and sample Learn page with assistance from Learning, Teaching and Web Services.


  • Held a final presentation that showcased the course prototype and highlighted the process of developing it, on the 2nd of August, 2018.
  • The prototype will be taken forward through further iterations during the next academic year.


The following is a bit more information on the findings from consultations with academics and students.

Our consultations included:
  • Interviews with academics: About 25 academics
  • Focus groups with students:¬†3 focus groups conducted with a total of 20 students participating
  • A student survey:¬†132 respondents
The consultations majorly covered the following  topics:
  • Interdisciplinary study of Edinburgh
  • Online Learning
  • Offline Learning and Exploration
  • Assessment


Click here to view a summary of each topic based on information gathered from academics and students.